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    A Bunch Of "Star Wars" Themed Bongs

    Idk, some guy Greg asked for this.

    Whoa check it out

    Whoa is that Yoda? Hell yeah Yoda, smoke smoke smoke

    Omg Chewbacca? But he's got bongs for legs? That's kind of messed up and grotesque, tbh. Kind of human-centipeding poor Chewy for your sick weed addiction.

    Yoda again! This guy just LOVES smoking doob!

    Oh man, this is a lightsaber! Luke, I am your father! Lol is it 4:20 yet?

    What exquisite craftmanship! Who wouldn't love putting some tobacco in this perfectly legal pipe to smoke?

    Just a reminder that weed kills. If you smoke weed you will probably die of cancer or a machete accident.

    Ha hahaha just kidding bro. 420!