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96 Seconds Of Relaxing Vines To Get You Through A Rough Day

Repeat as necessary until all the bad goes away.

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Having one of those days where you feel like this ferret in a trashcan fighting a plastic bag? It happens. Just watch these and let it all melt away.

1. Watch this pug getting a belly rub.

2. Now this sheet blowing in the wind.

3. Imagine this wave crashing over you.

4. Listen to the sound of raindrops on a bedroom window.

5. Now to this cat purring like a robot maniac.

6. Stare at this fire for a while.

7. Look at this pile of sea lions. Imagine you're flopping on a pier with them after a big fish dinner.

8. Now imagine you're this bulldog romping in a leaf pile. You may need to watch this several times.

9. Listen and watch these gentle waves lapping onto a pebbly beach.

10. Look at the wind chime but listen for the birds chirping in the background.

11. Look at this waterfall.

12. Watch this bird fly over the waves. So free. Fly little cormorant, fly.

13. Stare at this fan for as long as needed.

14. Say hello to these fluffy lil clouds, like a big pile of mashed potatoes in the sky.

15. Look at this sunrise over these hills. Life can't be so bad, right?

16. Now watch this baby turtle get his tummy tickled. Look at how much he loves it. He's so happy!

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