51 Worst Sharks

This list is in order of most worst to least worst. Or least to most, not really sure.

4. California Horn Shark

6. Pile of Dead Sharks

9. Casual Lean Shark

10. Pile of Milk Sharks

11. Sharky the San Jose Sharks Mascot

13. Extremely Sneaky Angel Shark

14. Underbelly of Angel Shark

18. Shark That Eats A Sea Lion

19. Shark Getting Owned As Heck By Sea Lion

20. Lazy Shark

Nathan Bauer / Via freeimages.com

21. Greenland Shark

22. The Shark that Ate Watson

23. Shark That Ate Joey Fatone

30. Swole Dude Shark

32. M.I.A. Shark

Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

37. Led Zeppelin’s Mudshark

38. Brassiere Shark

40. Unlicensed Use of Copyrighted Images For Merchandise Use Shark

42. BuzzFeed’s John Herrman

43. Shark That Won’t Get In The Damn Boat

44. #newaesthetic Shark

45. Hipster Coffee Snob Shark

50. Human Laser Assassin Shark

51. Frilled Shark, Again

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