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    5 Animals Who Were The Last Of Their Species

    There's plenty of species that have become extinct in the last century. Here are 5 species where the last survivor (called an "endling") was given a human name by scientists and zookeepers who attempted to care for them.

    1. "Incas", the last Carolina Parakeet

    2. "Martha", the last Passenger Pigeon

    3. "Booming Ben", the last Heath Hen

    4. "Benjamin", the last Tazmanian Tiger (Thylacine)

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    The Tasmania tiger looked like a dog, but was actually a marsupial that was hunted to extinction by farmers who believed it was killing their sheep. Though it once lived in Australia, by the time European settlers were living there it was only in the island of Tasmania

    The last thylacine lived in the Hobart Zoo, and died in 1933 after being accidentally locked out of its sleeping quarters during a particularly cold night. Because it lived until the '30s, there's haunting film footage of Benjamin (who may have actually been female) pacing around his cage.

    Rumors of thylacine sightings in Tasmania have continued up until today, but scientists have found no evidence of any still living.

    5. "Lonesome George", the last (and still living!) Pinta Island Tortoise