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40 Things Under $50 Every Woman In Her Thirties Should Own

Whether you live with kids, cats, a significant other, or roommates, get these grown-woman essentials cheap. Then you can either save the rest or blow it on a riding mower that plays Beyoncé when you beep the horn (no judgments). Men's version here.

1. A Fire Extinguisher

2. A Clothes Steamer

3. A Good Hair Straightener

4. Good Sunscreen for Your Face

5. Workout Clothes Actually Meant Just for Exercise (Not Your Old T-Shirts)

6. A Classy Matching Lingerie Set

7. A Functional, Not Sexy, Strapless Bra

8. Spanx (Sorry, World)

9. A Garment Bag

10. A Rolling Carry-On-Sized Suitcase

11. Keep Your Nail Game Up

12. One Solid Go-To Dinner Recipe

13. A Better Coffee Thermos

14. A Second Bath mat

15. Fancy Concealer

16. Fancy Foundation

17. Multiple Pairs of Black Tights

18. A Power Drill

19. Black Ankle Boots

20. Static Spray

21. Dry Shampoo Spray

22. A Cast-Iron Skillet

23. An Evening Bag/Clutch

24. Playing Cards

25. All Your Contacts Organized and Saved

26. A Salad/Serving Bowl

27. A Swimsuit You Feel Like Hot Shit In and You Can Actually Swim In

If you've ever gone swimming in a bikini or a strapless one-piece, you know these things are not meant for actually swimming in. You need a one-piece with straps that won't flash any children at the beach for those times you're actually doing more than just tanning.

A Hot Shit swimsuit is wildly different for everyone; you'll know yours when you see it. This is worth making a splurge for.

As far as cheap swim-able one pieces, Old Navy or Land's End (yes, really) are the best.

28. Something Ridiculous for Teenagers, Because YOLO


29. Extra Hand Towels

30. A Work Bag That Fits a Laptop but Isn't a Hideous Nylon Computer Bag

31. A Full-Sized Wallet Complete with Zipper for Change

32. A Regular Doctor/Dentist/Gynecologist Who Knows You and Whom You Can Call in a Pinch

33. An External Hard Drive to Back Up All Your Photos and Files

34. A Plant You Can Actually Keep Alive (Hint: Try a Succulent)

35. A Playlist You Can Put on During Dinner

36. A First-Aid Kit, or at Least a Bunch of Band-Aids, Neosporin, and Rubbing Alcohol, Etc.

37. Blister Band-Aids

38. Blank Cards

39. A Simple, Versatile Vase