32 Hottest Fashion Trends Spotted At A Furry Convention

Here are the latest fashion trends from Anthrocon 2012. You didn’t think simply a fursuit was enough, did you?

1. Overall Jorts:

2. Leather Vest with a “Rebel” Patch with Confederate Flag:

3. Sponsored by Mt. Dew:

4. Green Crimped Hair:

5. Renn Faire Layering and Feather Hair Extensions:

6. Punk Rock Blazer with NOFX Patch:

7. Latex Evening Gown:

8. Hot Pink Glowsticks in Your Hair:

9. Tentacles on Species That Don’t Usually Have Tentacles:

10. Everything-but-the-Kitchen-Sink Look:

11. Rad Saxophone and Tiny Mouse Fascinator Hat:

12. Steven Alan Plaid Shirts and Selvage Denim:

13. All Denim “Canadian Tuxedo”:

14. Candy Raver Neon Outfits:

15. Sexy Curves Are Always In Style:

16. Silk Running Shorts and Nylon Harness:

17. Shutter Shades:

18. Wearing a Team Jersey for the Same Species as You (Raptors Jersey on a Raptor):

He had #15 For Vince Carter.

19. Underwear as Outerwear and Puffy Shirts:

20. Heart Boxers as Outerwear:

21. Black and White Formal Menswear

These two guys were at a wedding that happened to be at the same hotel.

22. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Prints:

23. Jester Hats Are Cool

24. Corsets for Sexy Busty Cows:

25. Yellow Pimp Suits:

26. Off-Duty-Model Werewolf:

27. Glowstick Hair Accessories

28. Leather Badger Biker Jacket:

29. Matching Your Scarf To Your Fur:

30. Hawaiian Shirts:

31. Hoodie Sweatshirts:

32. Shorty Short Short Cut-Off Jorts:

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