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30 delitos de gente borracha en contra de la pizza

Recuerden niños: beber y comer pizza es una mezcla MORTAL.


1. El uso de esta tajada como almohada:


I want to wish a Happy Birthday to @kpboggie try not to get too TURNT & fall asleep w/ a slice of pizza in your hand


#Imagine michael being drunk: '' WHERES MY PIZZA'' You: ur drunk its un ur head'' Michael: '' WHO IS HEAD?''


No, drunk Vandy students. You cannot get into Kissam by swiping pizza.


2 BEER LIMIT: Ok I'm drunk. I just tried to warm my pizza in the fridge. And worse, I stood and waited for it to beep.

6. Este hombre que se quedó dormido en medio de una profunda e intensa sesión de pizza:


last night i was so drunk i folded up a slice of shrimp pizza n put it in my purse


My sister's drunk self gave the pizza delivery guy a 10 cent tip thinking it was a 10% tip, she had one job...



My mama bf just a damn buddy he was so drunk and high last night tried to make some pizza fell asleep and look smh


So we were so drunk last night that we put a pizza in the oven and left it on all night


Spencer seriously gets so drunk he forgets about the pizza and cooks all night #WorstRoommateAward


This is what happens when you cook a pizza drunk.

14. Afortunadamente, un chico que cree en la justicia está avergonzando a estos delincuentes del horno:


I’m so drunk I’m gonna fuk that pizza so good it’s gonna feel like a Virgin all over again.

16. La chica que dobló un trozo de pizza para guardarlo "para más tarde":


Ever been so drunk that you cooked a pizza at 20 degrees for 350 minutes?


Im so drunk I just cooked a pizza upside down


We are so drunk we accidentally ordered a pizza panini instead of a real pizza... Can any1 tell me what a pizza panini is :(


This dude is so drunk he's eating the paper plate not the pizza hahaha.

21. Este intento por calentar restos de pizza en un recipiente plástico:

22. Y este que se durmió boca abajo encima de su pizza:


I was so drunk last night I wouldn't get pepperoni pizza cause of lent even though it was definitely not Friday & half of us are Jewish


Here is a literal bag of pizza my dad left because he's drunk and ordered way too much.


rhianne is drunk on her own and is trying to use pizza boxes as a pillow


Police: Drunk duo denied service at Eugene pizza place use moonshine to light it on fire.


So I got a little Starbucks wasted and cuddled with a box of pizza


Drunk a f parents got pizza on the roof last night..


lol these photos of tom hanks photo bombing a wasted guy in a pizza joint always crack...