29 Reasons Socks & Buddy Were The Best Presidential Pets

Sorry, Bo. This cat and dog duo had the cute game on lock.

2. 1. Socks wasn’t afraid to speak up:

3. 2. He knew how to celebrate the holidays:

4. 3. He was great at accessorizing:

5. 4. He might have been the one secretly calling the shots:

6. 5. He wasn’t afraid to chase down a sneaky bunny:

7. 6. He was the kind of cat that lets you pick him up:

8. 7. He apparently really liked riding on shoulders:

10. 8. He liked chilling in a lap:

11. 9. He was an outdoor/indoor cat - which means he probably didn’t need a smelly litter box:

12. 10. He had a soulpatch (very trendy in the ’90s):

14. 10. Buddy was super cute as a puppy:

16. 11. And still cute when he was full grown:

17. 12. Little known fact — he served as press secretary for a year:

18. 13. He could hang in the office and not bother anyone:

19. 14. He was a decent caddy, though sometimes confused tennis and golf balls:

20. 15. Buddy indulged in a little “La Dolce Vita” style fountain swimming:

21. (Once he got over his fear of water):

22. 16. He knew how to cool off on a hot day:

23. 17. He didn’t mind the snow:

24. 18. He was a great kisser:

25. 19. He was the perfect accessory to a shoulder-padded trench or leather jacket:

26. 20. He turned out to be a fairly capable foreign policy advisor:

27. 21. He liked long romantic walks on the lawn:

29. 22. He flew first class:

30. 23. “Pet me like one of your French girls,” he woofed to President Chirac:

31. 24. His chocolate coat could even make a plaid shirt under argyle look ok:

32. 25. He loved a decent game of fetch:

33. But would not tolerate that fake-out throw nonsense:

35. 26. They loved watching “Friends” and “Seinfeld” on Thursday night Must-See TV (but their bedtime was before “E.R.”)

36. 27. They liked posing with their human friend (as long as they could be distracted momentarily by something off to camera left):

37. 28. Socks and Buddy got along great:

39. 29. But at least they knew who they really hated: Bo Obama. Vive le Socks and Buddy!

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