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29 Reasons Socks & Buddy Were The Best Presidential Pets

Sorry, Bo. This cat and dog duo had the cute game on lock.

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1. Socks wasn't afraid to speak up:

2. He knew how to celebrate the holidays:

3. He was great at accessorizing:

4. He might have been the one secretly calling the shots:

5. He wasn't afraid to chase down a sneaky bunny:

6. He was the kind of cat that lets you pick him up:

7. He apparently really liked riding on shoulders:

8. He liked chilling in a lap:

9. He was an outdoor/indoor cat - which means he probably didn't need a smelly litter box:

10. He had a soulpatch (very trendy in the '90s):

10. Buddy was super cute as a puppy:

11. And still cute when he was full grown:

12. Little known fact -- he served as press secretary for a year:

13. He could hang in the office and not bother anyone:

14. He was a decent caddy, though sometimes confused tennis and golf balls:

15. Buddy indulged in a little "La Dolce Vita" style fountain swimming:

(Once he got over his fear of water):

16. He knew how to cool off on a hot day:

17. He didn't mind the snow:

18. He was a great kisser:

19. He was the perfect accessory to a shoulder-padded trench or leather jacket:

20. He turned out to be a fairly capable foreign policy advisor:

21. He liked long romantic walks on the lawn:

22. He flew first class:

23. "Pet me like one of your French girls," he woofed to President Chirac:

24. His chocolate coat could even make a plaid shirt under argyle look ok:

25. He loved a decent game of fetch:

But would not tolerate that fake-out throw nonsense:

26. They loved watching "Friends" and "Seinfeld" on Thursday night Must-See TV (but their bedtime was before "E.R.")

27. They liked posing with their human friend (as long as they could be distracted momentarily by something off to camera left):

28. Socks and Buddy got along great:

Ok, maybe not so much:

29. But at least they knew who they really hated: Bo Obama. Vive le Socks and Buddy!

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