29 Insanely Elaborate Custom Coffins From Ghana

In Ghana it’s popular is to bury a loved one in a coffin that represents something about that person - a think he loved or his occupation. Ghana Coffin specializes in these custom ones, and they’re awesome.

1. Mercedes Benz for a sucessful business man

2. Accra’s public bus for a driver

3. Red fish for a fisherman

4. Green fish for a fisherman


6. Lion for a chief

7. Another fish for a fisherman

8. Pig for a man whose business was selling pigs.

9. Agouti (a kind of rodent) for a man who loved to eat its meat

10. Hen for a mother

11. Airplane, a symbol of success for a businessman

12. Snail to symbolize the slow passage into death

Not quite sure what that means, but hey.

13. Turtle to symbolize slow passage into death

14. Eagle for a chief

15. Fishing boat

16. Cruise ship

17. Ear of corn for a farmer

18. Bible for a religious person

19. Star® bottle of beer for the beer lover

20. Cocoa pod for a farmer

21. Aquarius soda for Coca Cola Spain

22. Wrench for a mechanic

23. Piano for a musician

24. Cinema projector for Coca Cola Spain

Sounds like this is actually

25. Plane joiner for a carpenter

26. Fuel pump for a gas station manager

27. Trowel for a mason

28. Bic pen and notebook for a teacher

29. Onion for a farmer


All photos from GhanaCoffin.com

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