27 Unsettling Images Of People Turning Into Animals

Why. Why. Why.

1. This boy who becomes a cow

2. This guy who becomes a Pokemon

3. This guy in a suit turning into a werewolf

5. This woman who became a table (ok, not an animal, but still)

13. This woman (who knows what she turned into)

14. This rat girl who fiercly guards her toilet

16. This alarmed wolf woman

17. This woman who turned into a giant purple bird

18. This guy turning into a T-rex

19. This woman who turned into a dino

20. This girl who became an otter

21. This guy who became an otter

23. This guy who turned into a lion

24. This guy who also turned into a lion

25. This reindeer who used to be a guy

27. This guy, who got turned into a dino by an evil sexy dino sorceress

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