25 Husbands Who Must Be Stopped

I have observed the species Husbandus incompetentis in the wild. Here are my findings.

1. The man who has no idea what fruit this is:

2. The man who can’t estimate potato sizes:

3. The man who prizes making a joke over helping with dinner:

4. The husband who was asked to buy a card for a baby shower:

5. The husband whose wife asked him to pack her lunch and included this:

6. This monster who has never heard of germs:

I asked my husband to stir my drink, aaaaand this is what he did. Thank you. Exactly what I had in mind.

— Michaelanne (@MichaelanneMc)

7. The man who cannot be trusted with pants:

I asked my husband to iron my pants and he gave me 1980's creases #ThunderOverLouisville #CreasesConnie

— Connie Leonard (@ConnieLeonard)

8. This man who apparently is most accustomed to cleaning up crime scenes:

I asked my husband to pick up cleaning products at Costco, he just picked up Windex & an economy size pack of goggles. Not okay.

— Miss Michelle Buteau (@MichelleButeau)

9. The husband who took his duty too far:

I asked my husband to bring home wine. He did....

— Laura (@MsLDubbs)

10. The husband who was incapable of compliments:

Going to see college friends. I asked my husband how I looked. He said I looked the same as I look every day. #Men #IsThatCodeForAmazing

— Michael Buckley (@buckhollywood)

11. The husband who was never allowed to decorate for Christmas again:

I asked my husband to sort the Christmas lights in the window. This was not quite what I had in mind...

— Vicki Leaver (@avaandluc)

12. The 6’2” husband who was tasked with hanging a mirror for his 5’1” wife:

13. The man who can’t resist novelty child’s packaging:

I asked my husband if he would bring me some water. He brought me this. Thanks?

— Jenny Simmons (@jennysimmons)

14. This husband who should not be in charge of the credit card:

I asked my husband to buy a few household essentials from Amazon. Somehow this got included in our order:

— You Look So Fine (@youlooksofine)

15. The husband who was very bad at estimating dog sizes:

So, I told my husband 2 get us a nice LITTLE dog abt 2yrs ago. 2yrs later...this is the pup. He's not done growing.

— Monica Jackson (@MonicaOJackson)

16. This husband who cannot wait an extra 5 minutes:

I told my husband....

— BOSSY MONICA (@LeMarquand)

17. The husband who can’t be trusted to grocery shop alone:

I told my husband to buy "some tortillas." He bought 40.

— WhoopDiDoo (@WholeLottaJulie)

18. The husband who was asked to do a lattice pie crust:

19. The husband who keeps putting the mouthwash out of reach:

This just happened... Why does my husband insist on putting things I need up so high?! I'm a little person!

— Shelby Jené Gonzalez (@Shelbebe3)

20. This slob:

Why does my husband think this is ok to do ? This is not a hamper

— MsMarie (@kwinlistner)

21. This husband who has serious problem reaching into a cereal box:

I just found my husband's wedding ring in the bottom of the Special K box. What?!!!

— Lanette Lundquist (@LanetteL)

22. The husband who wanted to help his daughter touch the water:

23. This husband who was given one job:

Asked the husband to do one thing, wrap the present, Christmas bloody bottle bag!!

— Claire Pitman (@ClairePitters)

24. The husband who battled the fitted sheet and lost:

25. The husband who can’t resist doing this to the baby:

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