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    23 Times When The Juliette From "Nashville" Death Stare Is Necessary

    All hail Hayden Panettiere, the all-time queen of the b-face.

    1. When someone brags about how they're going on a cleanse:

    2. When someone double dips a carrot in the communal hummus:

    3. When someone you know starts dating your ex:

    4. When someone makes a terrible dad joke:

    5. When you accidentally reply-all something snarky to an email chain:

    6. When you get off an elevator you just farted in:

    7. When someone else sings the song you were going to pick for karaoke:

    8. When someone confronts you IRL about why you unfollowed them on Twitter:

    9. When you realize you're the oldest person in the bar by at least 10 years:

    10. When you see someone leave dog poop on the sidewalk:

    11. When a stranger tries to talk to you on the subway:

    12. When your relative reminds you "you're not getting any younger."

    13. When your boss takes credit for the project you worked on:

    14. When someone asks if you're on Kik:

    15. When you share a taxi with someone and then they "remember" they don't have any cash:

    16. When you run into your ex when you're looking good:

    17. When someone comes running for the elevator you're in, and OOPS, the doors closed before they could get in:

    18. When someone is trying to tell you about their graduate thesis project:

    19. When a salesperson won't stop asking if you need help:

    20. When your friend asks you how the gluten-free cookies she made are:

    21. When your awkward co-worker shows up at your party even though you only invited them to be polite:

    22. When your friends start talking about using the diva cup:

    23. When someone tells you they're trying to drink less: