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    22 Optical Illusion GIFs That Will Freak You Out


    1. Grab a seat and a cup of tea because you're about to have your mind blown.

    2. These even squares are not what they seem.

    3. Watch this Charlie Chaplin's mask turn inside out.

    4. Do not attempt to sit in this chair.

    5. The gray tiles she's moving are actually the same color.

    6. This gray rectangle is actually a solid color.

    7. Watch the ball travel around this shape:

    8. Oh god, this car is going to crash.... oh....

    9. Is there anything as satisfying as watching these bananas get smashed?

    10. These squares that are actually moving at the same steady speed:

    11. Same with these. Watch when it turns gray:

    12. Whoooaaaaaa

    13. Doesn't this make you hungry for endless donuts?

    14. This cardboard alligator keeps his eyes on you no matter where you turn.

    15. Watch the triangle spin and connect.

    16. The orange dot that doesn't actually change size:

    17. This dancer is spinning either clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on how you look.

    18. You can change the direction this train is going just be staring at it.

    19. Perspective is everything in this guy's house.

    20. This is actually a still image, not a GIF.

    21. Weiner dogs.. Endless weiner dogs.

    22. Whew! You probably feel like this cat by now.

    You, right now: