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    22 Black And White Photos That Prove Florida Has Always Been Weird

    Never change, Florida.

    1. These gals and their gator:

    2. This policeman with a baby gator:

    The State Archives of Florida / Via Flickr: floridamemory

    3. A mermaid at Rainbow Springs serving underwater Thanksgiving:

    4. These guys hanging around with their enormous fish:

    The State Archives of Florida / Via Flickr: floridamemory

    5. This colored in postcard of a family taking home a live gator as a pet

    The State Archives of Florida / Via Flickr: floridamemory

    6. This boy and his 'tor:

    7. These girls driving an electric car on the beach:

    8. This ill-proportioned couple slow dancing:

    9. A band that jumped in the pool, cello and all:

    10. These babes who pick limes in their swimsuits:

    11. This dolphin who's trying cheesy pickup lines on this woman:

    12. Bikini golfing:

    13. Totally normal, not scary fish/shark/monster things:

    14. The state police vehicle inspection squad:

    15. This "bobbed hair" contest:

    16. Ted Williams from the Boston Red Sox fishing:

    17. This old man and his prized giant watermelon:

    18. These gents and their gator.

    19. The uniforms on the Stetson University women's basketball team (totally practical, right?):

    20. People skiing on a mountain of sand at Fort Meade. Sand skiing!

    21. These Floridians who decided to drive to Alaska in this car:

    22. Santa getting his swerve on with some hotties in Panama City:

    A previous version misidentified the type of citrus fruits being picked by babes in swimsuits. They are limes, not oranges.

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