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    21 Of Steve Harvey's Most Glorious Fashion Moments

    Act like a man, think like a oversized suit-obsessed maniac.

    As inspired by:

    317 of Steve Harvey's Most Atrocious Suits #BlackBuzzfeed

    Brokey McPoverty


    317 of Steve Harvey's Most Atrocious Suits #BlackBuzzfeed

    1. These comfortable hospital scrubs with matching fedora.

    2. This gleaming cream number.

    3. This bright yellow suit.

    4. The sequin flair on this blazer.

    5. The matching straw fedora brim and tie.

    6. This tuxedo shawl.

    7. The paisley vest under this bright red suit.

    8. This metallic blazer with approximately 10 buttons.

    9. This vest that has pattern-clashing sides.

    (It looks even better with a sax.)

    10. These sockless loafers. :/

    11. This tie with little clothes hangers on it.

    12. This double-breasted tuxedo, worn with no socks.

    13. His "Dr. Livingston, I presume" moment.

    14. The pinstripes in this promo photo.

    15. This polka-dot shirt with a cornflower-blue suit.

    16. The length on this blazer.

    17. This classic pinstripes-and-fedora look.

    18. This mandarin-collar tux.

    19. The sockless white loafers.

    20. This burgundy velvet smoking jacket.


    21. THIS