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21 Important Figures In White Male History

In honor of the first day of both White History Month AND Men's History Month, let's give these guys the credit they deserve. Happy April 1, everyone.

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1. Lawrence D. Mayes, the first man to say "Actually..."

2. The Earl of Dalhousie, first man to describe his ex as "crazy".

3. A. D. Smith, aviation pioneer and first man to say "nice tits" at a woman from a moving vehicle.

4. Cyril Maude, the first man to ask a woman on the street to smile.


5. Sol Yaged, the first man to say "I'm not racist; some of my best friends are black."

6. Eduard Georg von Wahl, first mansplainer.

7. Herbert D. B. Evans, first manspreader.

8. Otto Goritz, first man to complain his female boss was "too pushy".


9. The 1910 Yale Men's swimming team, the first group of men to stare at women in the gym.

10. Edward A. Cary, founder of Meninism.

11. Yves Rousseau, the first man getting excited for growing a Movember beard but not actually donating any money to cancer research.

12. Martin Conboy, pioneer in the field of weighing in with his opinion into other people's Twitter conversations.


13. Erich Caruso, first man to call a woman a prude after she declined to go out with him.

14. Trip Higgins, first man to ask another man if he even lifts.

15. Edward Banbosher and Andrew Didur, founding leaders of the historic Male Allies On Twitter Debate On Diversity.

16. Commander A. B. Fry, first man to complain of being put in the friendzone.


17. J. F. Booth, first pick-up artist to use the classic negging technique.

18. Wilbur Wight, first man to send an unsolicited dickpic.

19. J. B. Joel, first man to suggest the existence of reverse sexism.

20. John Leforge, first man to suggest the existence of reverse racism.

21. R. L. Henry, pioneer in the field of privilege.