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18 People Just Born In The Wrong Era

Some of us are just old souls.

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1. This fan of retro technology.

2. This guy who laments the downfall of his own generation.

3. This young rebel who longs for the days of REAL punks.

4. The passionate raprock fan who longs for the days of real rock, like Korn.

5. The guy who doesn't realize that yes, he can still listen to music form the '70s if he wants.

6. This teen girl who wishes she hadn't been born after the year 2000.

sometimes I wish I was born in the 1900s where everything was simple and people actually entertained themselves with out the Internet

7. The person who believes that 1993 is the ideal time to have been born.

8. Any 10 year olds who just want to earn an honest living these days.

9. This classical music enthusiast.

10. All the men who like the way ladies USED to be...

11. Avril Lavigne, an old soul in a young body.

12. The man who realizes that modern song lyrics are TOTAL CRAP now.

13. The 90s kid who wishes he could've been from "the decade of Star Wars"

14. [FYI if you were born in 1960, you'd be 8 years old when Woodstock happened.]

I wish I was born in the 60's that way I could've gone to Woodstock

15. The person who created a meme of a seal smiling because he isn't listening to new garbage.

16. This guy who understands how to be in the moment, not like, staring into your phone

Jay-Z rapping in front of your face and your first thought is "Let me hold up a phone to record this." This generation...

17. The person who has a prediction of the future to come.

18. And lastly, this dreamer who actually has a pretty decent reason for wanting to be born in another time.

I wish I was born in the 70's so that way I could've at least tried to date Jennifer Aniston. 💕

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