13 Best Garths

Imagine a newborn baby boy, imagine holding him for the first time, swaddled in a blanket at the hospital. “Welcome to the world, Garth,” you whisper.

13. DJ Garth

AAahahahahahah this is actually his real name. He’s DJ Garth. He is a house music producer from San Francisco.

12. Garth Hudson

Multi-instrumentalist in The Band.

11. Garth Brooks

The ur-Garth, the gaia of all garths.

10. Garth Christian

British nature writer and conservationist.

8. Garth Williams

Guy who illistrated Charlotte’s Web

7. Garth Crooks

Can you even believe there’s a guy named Garth FUCKING Crooks? Too good. This guy is some English pro soccer player or something.

6. Garth Ennis

He writes Punisher comic books. Looks more like an Ennis Garth, though, doesn’t he?

5. Chris Gaines

Garth pretender. Bad Garth. Terrible Garth.

4. Garth Jennings

Music video director who made that dope R.E.M. video for “Imitation of Life”.

3. GGGarth Richardson

Canadian music engineer. Yes, he goes by GGGarth.

2. Jennie Garth

Katy Winn / AP

90210 Garth.

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