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11 Ways Your Pets Are Secretly Killing You

Oh, you love your pet? Hope you enjoy loving it IN YOUR EARLY GRAVE. Here's all the gross diseases it can give you.

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1. Dogs: Heartworms

Humans can get heartworms when a mosquito bites an infected dog then bites you. Yuck. Usually, the human body can ward off heartworm parasites, but in rare cases, the worms travel to your lungs and make lesions.

2. Cats: Toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is a parasite from cat poop that crawls into human brains and literally changes how you think. It literally makes you LOVE CATS. And eats your brain.


3. Birds: Parrot Fever

Psittacosis, a.k.a. parrot fever, is form of chlamydia that parrots get that they can pass to humans without eve having sex with them Messed up and totally true.

5. Cats: Cat Scratch Fever (It's a Real Thing!)

Not just a Ted Nugent song, about half of all outdoor cats have been exposed to this disease. In humans, it can cause painful and itchy swelling at the scratch site, as well as swollen lymph nodes. However, you probably won't die.


8. Dogs: Malta Fever, a.k.a. Brucellosis

In addition to joint pain, fever, and fatigue, Malta fever can be spread from dogs and in humans causes "general malaise". Sound like anyone (everyone) you know?

9. Rabbits: Rabbit Fever, a.k.a. Tularemia

This can be inhaled and affects the heart, brain and bones. You can also get inflammed lesions on your hands from handling dead rabbits who are infected. Even worse news: you were already handling dead rabbits.

10. Goats: Q Fever

Found in sheep, cows, and goats, Q fever is a bacterial infection that can cause severe flu-like symptoms in humans, and in some cases leading to hepatitis and death from liver failure.


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