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    Posted on Jul 8, 2013

    11 Tweets Between Evan Dando And Juliana Hatfield That Will Restore Your Faith In The '90s

    THE LOVE IS STILL ALIVE! Ok, or at least a Twitter friendship?

    Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando were the Mulder and Scully of '90s alternative rock not-it-couples, with their ongoing did-they-didn't-they-or-will-they-eventually romance. They were close friends and collaborators (still are!), and everyone with a heart not made of granite was curious about the status of their friendzone at some point. Rumors flew that Juliana lost her virginity to Evan, until finally in 2006 she wrote a letter to the editor of Boston music magazine Dig denying it (she lost it to Spike Jonze instead).

    Now, thanks to Twitter, you can watch them talk and flirt and friendzone each other and do whatever the hell it is they're doing. They're both kind of perfect on Twitter, you should definitely follow them anyway; Juliana is charming and funny, Evan is weird and spacey, just the way you'd hope they'd be.

    Sure, it's a little creepy and gross to be obsessed with the friendship between two 40-somethings. But please, just let us have this. We need this.

    Their discussion of Breaking Bad:

    i just can't stand it when jesse pinkman and walter white fight; i wish they would just hug, already. (i am deep into season 4 so far

    — Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) June 16, 2013

    @julianahatfield so glad you're watching BB !

    — Evan Dando (@Evan_Dando) July 1, 2013

    @Evan_Dando it's so good, so dark, so depressing, i love it..the complexity of humans

    — Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) July 1, 2013

    @julianahatfield I love you

    — Evan Dando (@Evan_Dando) July 2, 2013


    Juliana's excitement about this t-shirt:

    @Evan_Dando hey lookatthis--someone took this photo of us at a reading fest. in the '90's & made a tee of it... cute

    — Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) April 9, 2013

    This exchange about fellow Boston music legend, Peter Wolf of The J. Geils Band:

    drive-by star sighting--peter wolf, outside cambridge formaggio kitchen

    — Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) April 12, 2013

    @julianahatfield you're not just crying Peter Wolf ?

    — Evan Dando (@Evan_Dando) April 12, 2013

    The time they discussed a BuzzFeed list that included Evan as one of the hunks of the '90s:

    @Evan_Dando my mom sent me this:

    — Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) April 12, 2013

    @julianahatfield life's a bitch and so was I ... Do as your told and lose your soul . Every single time . Ugly .

    — Evan Dando (@Evan_Dando) April 12, 2013

    (I obviously nearly fainted over this exchange.)

    Whatever this mess was about:

    @julianahatfield hi ! I was just defending you against some one out there who ... was questioning our playing together .

    — Evan Dando (@Evan_Dando) April 21, 2013


    @julianahatfield love you

    — Evan Dando (@Evan_Dando) April 21, 2013