11 Seemingly Safe Tumblr Tags You Should Never, Ever Look At

The seedy underbelly of Tumblr is always just an accidental search away.

1. “BBC”

You’re expecting to find images from your favorite British TV shows, right? Well, mixed in with gifs from Doctor Who are a bunch of rude, nude, penises. Apparently, B.B.C. also stands for “big black cock.”

2. “Rosebud”

You’re looking for beautiful images of your favorite flower right? Well, be warned that rosebud is also codeword for the bit of red lower intestine exposed by a distended anus.

3. “Knot”

Looking for Pinterest-style images of cute jewelry, bows, or how to tie the latest tie knot? Well be warned that “knot” is also a term for an animal’s penis, and figures into a lot of furry cartoon porn.

4. “Gap”

It’s mostly images of the clothing brand, but images tagged for “thigh gap” also get mixed in. Thigh-gap images can either be thinspo for girls or porny butt-shots for guys. Just tons of butts. Do you like butts? Well, go ahead then. Here are some butts.

5. “Red Pants”

Looking for inspiration for this season’s colored denim trend? You may be confused to see this is largely Sherlock Holmes erotic fan art. A popular fanart Tumblr for the BBC series Sherlock started drawing images of Watson in red briefs (British people call underpants “pants,” those weirdos), often in a lusty sensual embrace with Sherlock.

6. “Drool”

A few images of mouth-watering foods, shoes, and cute guys are tagged “drool,” but mostly this is straight up S&M pornography of women with ballgags in their mouths. Hence, the drool.

7. “Watersports”

Like kayaking and waterskiing? Sure. Do you also like people pee-peeing on each other? Because that’s what “watersports” is.

8. “Scaly”

Are you an aspiring herpetologist? Well unless you like a lot of very detailed drawings of what a dragon boner might look like, don’t bother searching this tag.

9. “FUTA”

We’re heading into tax season, so understandably you might want to check out some information on how employers file unemployment taxes under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA). But instead of tax forms, you’ll just scroll through a dashboard full of naked anime girls with penises. “Futanari” is Japanese for “dual form,” and in the parlance of today, futa means anime hermaphrodite porn. Enjoy.

10. “Teen”

OK, I guess it’s kind of obvious what kind of pictures you’re going to see here, right? But maybe, in some alternate world that isn’t so terrible and gross, on the social networking site that’s wildly popular with teens, the word “teen” might pull up information relevant to its user base.

11. “Request”

A lot of GIF makers and original content makers get requests in their “ask” boxes for some cool custom art or GIFs. When they post the results, they’ll usually tag them as “#request”. But while this might be a lot of silly fun GIFs, follow that tag and you’re going to get bombarded with nudes, hentai, erotic art, and the like.

Tumble safely, friends.

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