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1 Tiny Dog Face That Will Leave You Breathless And Melt Your Heart Until You're In The Emergency Room Begging God To Spare Your Life

First I saw this dog's face. Then I saw a Photoshop of him as E.T. Then I screamed for 20 minutes.

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This is Crumpet.

Crumpet is a smooth coat Brussells Griffon, for all you Westminster Dog Show judges out there.

This is Crumpet as E.T.

Crumpet's owner, Paul Wallace, has been creating these delightful photoshops of his pooch for Instagram. "Sometimes her Instagram posts are related to stories in the news, but more often i'll just get a thought like, "Crumpet looks a bit like E.T.," he explains.

He has a day job at an advertising agency, but finds time to slack off [note to Paul's boss: please don't fire him]. "I try to limit myself to 10 minutes per Crumpet image, but sometimes I get carried away and burn up a few hours," he admits. "It's a bit embarrassing I suppose. Or not."

Crumpet laying a turd on the moon

Crumpet cruising in a comically small Jeep

Crumpet with a homely girlfriend

Crumpet in a sombero with Taco Bell.

Crumpet inside R2D2 (does this mean R2D2 is dead? idk)


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