24 Super Bowls To Hold All The Dips For Super Bowl XLVIII.

With Seattle vs. Denver, there’s more than one bowl that’s up for grabs.

1. This bowl that can fit an entire giant baby in it.

2. This bowl that your weird neighbor has been spending all summer building.

3. The bowl that won’t completely embarrass you because the Shearer’s slogan is kinda blurry.

4. This bowl that will be super easy to steal because there’s no bodyguards and you can just duck under that weak excuse for a rope.

5. The bowl that this guy will probably give you for free cause he’s very disappointed in his order.

6. The bowl that comes with a Photoshopped young child and her mother. (Great for party tricks!)

7. This bowl that is an identical twin of Jerry’s favorite table that he ungraciously stuffed in the corner.

8. This bowl that comes with a lunch tray for easy carrying.

9. This corkboard bowl that will be perfect for hanging up all those hilarious pictures you’ll take during the game.

10. This bowl that only requires something to stand on, a giant cupcake-esque countertop, and two hands on it always to scoop out that bean dip with Tostitos.

11. This bowl that finally makes a stand for Clean Beaches…Now!

12. The favorite bowl at all Superbowl parties…the Butter Bowl.

13. This bowl that’s so hawt it’s literally on fire.

14. And this other bowl on fire that’s even hawter because it has leaves around the circumference.

15. And this-actually no. It’s not on fire. And it’s not even by the water’s edge. Don’t use this bowl.

16. The bowl your grandma painted that was so beautiful it landed itself in a museum.

17. This bowl that Google images claims is a ‘big bowl’ but it’s really not ‘cause Google can’t get its shit together.

(If it can fit in the palm of our hand, Google, it’s not big. We’re not idiots.)

18. This bowl that looks really big when you look at it from the right perspective.

19. The big bowl this quirky girl decided to pair with a big spoon for her perfect new prof pic on her lunch break at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

20. The soon-to-be-ginormous bowl your Dad’s making in pottery class.

21. This bowl that requires overhead lights and 6 thumbs up.

22. The bowl that will beckon monkeys to its surface and all your friends will thank you for.

23. The bowl that will have all your friends telling COCK-a-doodle-do jokes.

(Get it? It’s a dick joke. ‘Cause football=testosterone=dick jokes.)

24. The only bowl that really matters on a Sunday.

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