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10 Betsy DeVos Themed Valentines For Every Kind Of Romance

This Valentine’s Day, don’t let inexperience stand in your way. Share these heartfelt words (along with a check for a million dollars) to the one you’ve been crushing on and you’ll wind up in bed with them in no time.

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1. When you're into that public school hottie your dad def doesn't approve of:

2. When your bf/gf is a little weirdo that loves reading and science:

3. When you're Hot For Teacher or just anyone with experience:

4. When your crush knows more than way, way, more:

5. When you love your man but he's always popping b's and you don't understand why:

6. When your SO refuses to use Google Maps but doesn't know basic geography:

7. When you're in it to win it with someone from Wyoming:

8. When you're trying to court a Bernie Bro who's intentions are good but also v annoying:

9. When you know your relationship is garbage and everyone else does too:

10. When Mike Pence is bae:

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