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    Posted on Feb 8, 2016

    The Art Of Selfying With Girls: A Boy Dog's Perspective

    Today my dog learned that behind the scenes of a selfie session with a girl can be quite the emotional roller coaster and just like the majority of human boys, he wasn't really sure how to handle it

    1. It usually starts out with a quick geometry refresher

    I don't get what angles you're talking about, I really didn't pay that much attention in puppy school...I just went for the treats

    2. Then there is the viewing of the selfie

    Babe no no, it's good...neck rolls? I don't see any neck rolls, you look beauti-

    3. A critical mistake

    Ahh no wait maybe there is something in your teeth! Let me just take a...

    4. The point when you realize it's not going to get better

    Oh nope you're good, just weird lighting are we not using that picture or?

    If you want to see more of Benny's adventures and struggles as he tries to understand our human world, go follow him on Instagram at benny_loveydoodle

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