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Why You'll Never Really Get Over Jim And Pam From The "The Office"

The Office romance that gave you faith in true love and sassy side glances.

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As soon as The Office entered our lives, we knew Jim and Pam were meant to be.

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The Dunder Mifflin flirting was so perfect.

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Jim was obviously infatuated and Pam had no idea.

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But we all knew she would fall for him eventually.

She loved his pranks.

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But Finance Roy in the way of their love.


It was a pretty uncomfortable time for all involved.


Because she was engaged, their relationship stayed platonic and the best friendship grew.


But Jim couldn't get over her, and we couldn't get over them.

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When Roy announces the wedding date, Jim is crushed and realizes he is losing his chance.

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But despite the adversity, Jim can't help but flirt with Pam and we loved every moment.

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HOW could you be making this decision Pam??!?!

Pam kept thinking she was not into Jim.

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And then Jim finally told her how he felt.

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And Pam said no.

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And we all fell down and died.

When they kissed for the first time, we jumped for joy.

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Then Pam just turned him down again, but she did end her engagement to Roy, so that was good.

And to crush us further, Jim transferred away from Pam to a different office.

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And then Jim started dating Karen and we all gave up hope.

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Which obviously made it a better pay off in the end because we always knew Karen was just a rebound.

We all cried with Pam when she realized she lost Jim.

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Seeing the good in what you have before it is gone is one of the hardest things in the world and we all shared Pam's regrets.

And this was the hardest to watch.


Oh, how the tables have turned.

Until Jim finally asked Pam out, and she finally said yes.

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And trying to hide from the office

And WOW are they not the sweetest couple ever?

We loved that there were no more games, no more will they won't they, just plain simple true love

He bought it the day they started dating ~tears~

When they found out they were pregnant it was amazing

Send in the subs

Send in the subs

Once they were married we enjoyed the happiness they brought to the office everyday

When Cece Halpert was born their love story became even more filled with love

and we all wanted to be their child

Baby Phillip arrived and we thought nothing could go wrong

But then their marriage was in trouble and we knew they were real just like us

With the documentary ending, Jim realizes he is unhappy with his life despite marrying the love of his life and having 2 beautiful kids

Things looked really bad when Jim yelled at Pam after he missed Cece's ballet recital

How will the most meant to be real life couple survive a real life problem? Jim's new job > family?

Enter the other man, rugged camera man, to fight for Pam's love while Jim is MIA

Yet another real life dilemma thrown into their fairy tale

Pam fears she is not enough for Jim

The new job and new life in Philly is winning....

But then Jim comes to his senses!!!

Fighting for their love, Pam sells their house and announces that they should move to Texas for Jim to stay with his new company

Embracing change in one of the hardest things in a relationship, even a true love, perfect, written in the stars relationship like PB & J

And it is perfect

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