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10 Reasons Why Erlich From Silicon Valley Is A Genius

If you aren't enjoying your weekly Erlich on HBO's Silicon Valley, reevaluate your TV habits.

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1. He loves ramen

Like any good tech entrepreneur should

2. Math doesn't do Erlich, Erlich does math

3. He is confident

4. He has awesome hair

And knows how to take care of it

5. He loves his body

Screw the media, as Erlich would say

6. He is a well-informed citizen

You want Erlich on your side during a fight, altercation or kerkufflfe

7. He will stand up to your enemies, big or small

Raging Erlich is one of the better Erlichs

8. He knows HTML

sexy HTML that is

sexy HTML that is

9. He is a tech visionary

View this video on YouTube

And he is not afraid to take a lot of mysterious mushrooms to see these visions

10. He doesn't apologize for his lifestyle choices

Keep working it Erlich. We love you for who you are.

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