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    • katiem92

      Read this. Read it again. And its seems clear that this article is under-developed, there’s no mention of how many sororities there are and exactly how many are segregated and how many are not. There’s a mention of “four sororities” but it’s so vague as to if they’re the only ones and out of how many sororities on campus. It’s easy to make a catchy title like “students against segregated sororities” but it makes the assumption immediately that this is a reflection of all sororities in this campus. The major comments are from the President of the Unviersity and a past sorority member from a segment, pulling a lot of attention on the problems and offering almost nothing from the sororities themselves or really much voice from the rest of Greek life. All in all it reads most of a slanted article against sororities rather than a fully developed story. Disappointed in the lack of enough to make this a balanced article.

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