Meet Justin Matthew Sargent, Your New Broadway Crush

Because beauty and adorableness and Spiderman. Need we say more?

1. This is Justin Matthew Sargent.



2. This year, he was super adorable as Drew in Rock of Ages.

Handout / Getty

So much soul, and 80s hair!

3. In September, he took over for Reeve Carney in Spiderman: Turn off the Dark.

Rob Kim / Getty

Reeve is also adorable.

4. Justin gives us so many reasons to crush on him.

5. Most obviously, he is a crazy talented singer.

Maddie Meyer / Getty

6. He LOVES playing Spiderman. / Via @justinmsargent

and using the word “swingin’”!

7. The suit really shows off his fine assets.

Rob Kim / Getty

8. He channels his inner Prince of Denmark quite well… / Via Google

9. But he’s really just a little kid at heart.

10. He has a picture with Jimmy Fallon and all cool people have pictures with Jimmy Fallon.

Jenny Anderson / Via

I’m pretty sure that’s a fact!

11. His adorableness lends itself to great memes. / Via @angelica4394

12. He has a sense of humor.

13. He kinda looks like a young Matt Bomer…

…no complaints about that.

14. He’s super supportive of his fans! / Via @justinmsargent


Sarg-ettes? Sargent-inas!?

16. In conclusion, Justin is pretty gosh darn adorable…

Rob Kim / Getty

and talented and nerdy and so many other wonderful things!

17. For more information on Spiderman: Turn off the Dark, click here.

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