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Which Law And Order: SVU Detective Are You?

Are you passionate about your work? Do you aspire for more? What would you do if anyone got in the way of you getting justice? Find out which of these NYPD SVU detectives you are.

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  1. How do you handle an interrogation?

    Play the good cop
    Tell it like it is
    Flirt with the perp
    Try to make a deal for information
    Play bad cop
  2. You run into a known rapist who had been acquitted on the street. What do you do?

    Beat him up. He deserves it.
    Ignore him. He doesn't deserve the time of day.
    Keep walking before he comes after you next.
    Threaten him to never come near you again.
    Get really angry, but don't actually do anything.
  3. There's an opening for Sergeant in your division. What do you do?

    Pass it up. You aren't about all that paperwork.
    Want to try for it, but your past mistakes get in the way.
    Become a sergeant now? Are you kidding? You don't have time for that.
    Please. You're already the sergeant.
    You just got here. No way anyone is promoting you now, you're still learning the ropes.
  4. Okay, so none of you are sergeant. What are you up to now then?

    I'm happy where I am.
    Going to law school. You want to become a better cop and possibly even a lawyer.
    Moving across the country. There nothing left for you in New York.
    Having a baby. It may not be expected, but maybe it will help you get your life together.
    Moving on up. It's finally your time to run this place.
  5. A perp takes you hostage. What do you do?

    Whatever they say. As long as they have the gun on you, they are in charge.
    Mouth off, just because they are threatening doesn't mean they get to have all the power.
    Fight them off.
    Someone took you hostage? Yeah, right.
    Probably cry.
  6. It's a friday night. What are you doing?

    Drinking. This job takes a toll on you.
    Gambling. It gives you a thrill.
    Staying home with your son, you barely ever get to spend time with him.
    Probably sleeping. You are always working.
  7. ADA Barba tells you he isn't going to try an SVU case. What do you do?

    Argue with him until he agrees.
    Find the evidence he needs to take it to court.
    Go along with whatever everyone else does.
    Go punch something.
    Offer to do it instead. You're practically already a lawyer anyways.

Which Law And Order: SVU Detective Are You?

You got: Olivia Benson

You are methodical and brilliant and usually go right by the book. However you are also very passionate about your cases and care about the victims that come into your office. Sometimes the rules need to be bent for the greater good. You are also a strong leader and very supportive to your squad.

Olivia Benson
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You got: Amanda Rollins

You aren't one known to follow the rules and let your emotions get the best of you. You tend to get in trouble often, but you always work your way out of it. You are very dedicated and would never want to stop doing what you're doing.

Amanda Rollins
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You got: Fin Tutuola

You care about people and are always there for the people who depend on you. You may not be one to step up as the leader, but you are there to be second in command and do what is needed of you.

Fin Tutuola
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You got: Nick Amaro

You can be a bit of a hot head, but it's only because you care about what you do. The horrible people you are trying to put away every day can get to you. However you love your friends and family and would to anything for them, even if that mean punching some guy in the face.

Nick Amaro
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You got: Dominick Carisi

You're not intimidated to be the new guy on the block. You'll step into any new situation with confidence because that's just who you are. You want justice for all the victims you advocation for and you make sure everyone knows it.

Dominick Carisi
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