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19 Things Out-Of-Work Actors Are Sick Of Hearing

"Yeah, but what's your proper job?"

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9. "When do you think you'll be ready to buy a house like us?"

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Obviously we're genuinely pleased for our friends with their stable incomes, but we also know that being self-employed and trying to get a mortgage aren't exactly a match made in heaven.

11. "You can't be an actor because you don't do it full time."

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Yes but sir, also consider this: On the odd occasion that you're not actively saying rude things you're probably still rude in general aren't you? It's all relative.

12. "I know how tough it is, I did drama for GCSE too."

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That's great Sharon, and my nan taught me how to do cross-stitch, but I'm not about to start relating to your surgeon sister bucking under NHS pressure am I?


17. "How did your little bit of drama go?"

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There's nothing wrong with doing drama, but the absolute determination of some people not to refer to acting as acting is frustrating and fascinating in equal measure.

18. "Maybe they decided to take the female lead in a different direction?"


In the direction of another male lead no doubt. Or maybe they decided to cast a robot. Or a horse. Or just anything not me.