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Which Bid Are You?

This information will be helpful in the unfortunate event that you are rejected from all other friend groups.

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  1. What's your drink of choice?

    Apple Juice
    Cucumber Lime - It doesn't get me drunk
    Anything but beer... can't afford those cals
    Anything that will get me wasted
    Every night should be a citron night
    "I don't drink" RIGHT
    I think I'll sit this one out
  2. It's Weekend at Harold's... who you scheming on?

    mixhale hosfmrao
    Jack Baldinger
    Adamschwall *pray 2 times*
    Sophie Fried
    Cooper who?
    Snug's Night
  3. Just got that wya text... where are you at?

    Don't worry about it
    Passed out somewhere
    In the garage with Jack and friends
    Core group
    Church/Evan's office
  4. How do you plan on getting into college?

    A strongly worded email from my mother/fucking the dean of admissions... UMIAMI 2025
    I'm not getting in (lowkey getting a C in math) CU Boulder
    Tutors, DUH... ROLL WAVE
    I will be traveling the world
    Sorta banking on that LiNK officer position... TULANE 2023
    Writing drunk essays after a night out... UNC HERE I COME
    Jew Shit... TEXAS FRAND
    Pretending to be the co-president of Baby2Baby... go big bro syracutie
  5. How's your relationship with your parents?

    My mom is my best friend
    My parents are pretty chill except with grades
    My mom ditches me for her Indian lover
    Sure my parents are pretty bad, but my uncle is the real issue
    My mom made me move to CA for a hot sec
    If my dad asks, we're having a girls night
  6. What's your relationship with your siblings?

    I love my sister, but she's the fav
    They're cooler than me
    My brother told me I gained weight.
    My little brothers abuse me, my sisters abuse me, my dog abuses me... wait fuck my whole family abuses me
    My bro would rather fuck his girlfriend than get me ice cream. Still salty
    My brother peer pressures me to do illegal shit
    SEDONA'S A CUNT SHE HAD IT COMING... can brooke pregame with us tn?
  7. Vocab quiz!! What word will we hear in a conversation with you?

    Good work dog
    OD, cunt, fag, gay, facts
    He debted me
    Skrt Skrt nigga
    The Weeknd
  8. "You only live once that's the motto nigga YOLO." What motto do you live?

    Say no to OCD
    "No means "give me head first"
    Make America Great Again
    Don't Make America Great Again
    It's the possibility of having a dream that makes life interesting. // Pray two times
    Blue hair don't care
    זה מצחיק שזה חצוף זה חמוד זה מה שאתה רוצה! (translation: it's funny it's sassy it's cute it's what you want!)
    Free the nipple
  9. If you were a movie/TV character who would you be?

    Sugar from Glee
    Kurt from Glee
    Blaine from Glee
    Jess from New Girl
    Karen Jackson from Shameless
    Nadine from Edge of 17/Phoebe Buffet
    Alicia Rivera from The Clique//NOT FUCKING TINA COHEN CHANG
    Rachel Berry from Glee
  10. If a non-Bid were to describe your position in the friend group, they'd props describe you as:

    The one who gets with the turts
    The hippie
    The slut(you're not don't listen to them ur a star)
    The mom
    The one who's never there (we miss u come back)
    Juul queen/the entertainment
    The sweet one
    The one who hangs out with them because her cool friends didn't like her
  11. Breaking nudes! This form of communication is becoming a controversial issue in the UE lovers anon group chat. Where do you stand?

    Sending nudes in the OG Pharmer bathroom rn
    Sending bra pics to mbsk8
    Joe just asked me for nudes SOS what do i do?
    I feel so bad that Jake Miller has to open his phone to that.
    I'm with her @Lauren
    Let everyone do what makes them happy
    Jake Singer wya
    Do u think he's gonna be okay? 1-800-656-4673
  12. Who's your pong partner?

    I don't play pong- beer makes you fat
    Harold Scherr. Did you guys know I played pong with Harold?? Did you see the pics I can show you the pics
    Any turt
    Tom, DUH
    Joe he's such a great BF and who needs Ben anyways?
  13. Choose a show to binge-watch

    Glee, but Tina Cohen Chang is in it she's actually the WOAT
    Anything that Miley Cyrus is in
    Pretty Little Liars #coopersquad
    Gossip Girl but wtf can Dan and Blair not date
    Friday Night Lights @riggins_daily
    Anything that Abel makes an appearance in
    Shameless @lip_mofo
  14. What item would you not be able to live without?

    My black SAM coat that Max Brody loves
    My white sneakers with roses. Roses are SO in!
    The ESPN app
    My juul
    My fancy stuff
    My pen, even if the cartridge is empty
    My Happy Hippie or Champion sweatshirt
  15. Ultimate Question: What senior friend group do you choose?!!!

    Yetis all the waaaaay
    IM AN ELF I SWEAR but the bears are so fucking hot
    My boyfriend's a yeti, but I'm an elf
    What's a yeti(AW)
    The elves are at my house
    What ever Michael Hoffman is in <33
    Yetis are in my pool

Which Bid Are You?

You got: Lorena

You should feel honored to be this amazing girl. Between BBL and JVG Tennis, there is really nothing this raging feminist can't do! Seriously speaking, everyone admires your strength, especially after Max Brody verbally abused you. We love spending time with you, but we'll never stop you from honeymooning with Aubrey and hanging w ur campies. PS DID YOU KNOW LOLO GOT 94 ON A VALENTIN TEST?!?!

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You got: Jellia

Congrats! You got Julia! Whether you're in Aruba with camp friends, hanging with Joe, or doing your research on pick-up trucks and fancy brands, Juulia will always be found right by your side. With all of your various impersonations, we can all honestly say that you add tons of laughter to our friend group. Even if we miss one of your crazy stories, there is no need to fear because it will all be captured on video for us to watch the following day. To our miniture-dog loving, Sophie Fried obsessing, snowball chucking BFF: we love you soso much never change.

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You got: Aubria

If you got Aubrey, then you must be pretty fucking cool. Between dying your hair blue, living in California for less than a year, and visiting practically every country, you never fail to tell an amazing story. Even though you barely go out and probably hate us, we love and miss drunk Aubrey. Never stop obsessing over The Weeknd and Bella Hadid<333 We love u sm pretty girl

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You got: Saphya

No this is not a glitch- Sophie Weingrad is no longer in squad. Ngl we're pretty happy that yours old friends dumped you because now we get to spend every moment with this amazing, pretty, Thrasher-loving girl. Even if it may not seem like it, we actually love hearing about your obsession with MB(Melissa Berglass, DUH) and ~December 9~ hehe. Oh and super low-key you're peaking as we speak so we'll end it here in case you miss a snap from Barry, Scott, Mikey, or Alex. Love ya even though you said "if you have a vagina, keep it" why? just why

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You got: Willia

YAY you got Willow! Even though most of your jokes usually cross the line and are extremely offensive, you're actually super funny. We love the wisdom and happiness you and your shirts teach us. We love catching up on your rinsta/finsta/cat_feat_peter igs. Although your frosh party didn't work out last year, you still have to look forward to being an Adidas/HH model. We luvv u and even if you don't have a bra to support you, know that we always will. PS THE BITCH HAD IT COMING

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You got: Jemma

Yay you got Emma so you must be pretty freaking talented. Between your singing and Judaism "you're gonna do big things, better than your friends"- Kevin Reed. We always look forward to receiving your texts with the subject: "Guys I think I'm in love with *insert one of the following names based on mood*: Jared Sugarman, Zach Brennar, Max Brendell, TJ, some boy from England I met in Africa, Jake Miller, Will Reed, some boy from the BBYO conference, or Adam Schwall." NEVER CHANGE AUNT JEMIMA

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You got: Korea

Oh boy! You should feel awesome that you got cara. If we were to get all of the guys you gw together, we would probably be able to form a strong army. We love hearing you're CRAAZY stories about your BF Michael Miller(who?!?). You always know how to have a good time, even if you are stuck in Los Gatos the weekend of a party. We can honestly say that out of all of the anos, you love pizza- I MEAN ETHAN- the most. We love you, Leo the boy, Leo the bowl, Leo the bag, and Chester more than you hate OG Pharmer!!

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You got: Kitty Kat

Yay! You got this sweet, golden retriever loving girl! You love the Christ and the Bible more than you love your favorite brothers- LOL JOKES. Red cars and volks wagons are in your near future along with North Carolina. Never stop reading, writing, or obsessing over sports. WE GET IT YOU PLAY SOCCER AND YOUR BRACKET IS BAD. Oh and Tom called you the GOAT. Need I say more?

Kitty Kat
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