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Life As A Recent College Graduate As Told By Harry Potter Characters

“Dobby has no master, Dobby is a free elf”

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1. When it first hits you that you are officially a college graduate .

2. Realizing you have to start your adult life...get a job, move, pay bills, etc.

3. Seeing all the undergrad students posting about moving back to college is annoying AF!


...only because you are extremely jealous of them

4. Making plans with college friends can be difficult, so when you finally see them, it can be emotional.

5. Your initial reaction when people ask you about your future plans.

6. How you feel when you are competing for jobs.

7. When you hear other people's amazing future plans.

8. How you feel when you finally get a job.

9. You start to appreciate meal plans now that you have to spend REAL money on food.

10. The feeling you get when you have to start paying off your student loans.

11. Having to wear business clothes all day, every day.

12. Not being able to go out to party during the weekdays.

13. There is no escape from engagement announcements, wedding, and baby pictures on social media.

14. But graduating college doesn't mean the fun is over. It's a chance to add a new chapter to your book of life.


new start for new beginnings and new memories. Enjoy the ride.

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