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14 Things We Need To Thank Our College Roommates For

You can't live with them, but you definitely cannot live without them.

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1. For deciding to live with you in the first place.

2. Sharing their closet with you.


3. They never judge you when you drink a little too much.

4. They accept you for who you are.


5. Letting you be as weird as you want and not judging.

6. They are your shoulder to cry on.

7. They help you look approachable and acceptable for public places.

8. For always going out with you.


9. and staying in for the night and still having just as much fun.

10. For never letting you dance alone.

11. Always going to the cafeteria to eat with you.

12. Helping you out with your personal life.


13. Always having your back.

14. Finally, for not being just your roommate but your person.

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