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10 Career Lessons We Can All Learn From 'The Devil Wears Prada'

This film is my favourite. Adulthood is not.

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1. Your Boss Will Be Demanding

It's a big leap going from being a lazy uni student working at a glacial pace to someone that has to complete 50 tasks in the space of an hour and still find time to breathe. At the end of the day, you just have to accept that if you're trying your best there's only so much you can do. Just hope you never have a boss that only accepts the excuse that you've died.

2. Everybody Has Been 'The New Kid'

Starting your career is one of the most daunting and nerve racking experiences. You go go in there thinking 'I'm an strong independent adult, I can do this!' and come out feeling more like a child then you did at school. Just remember that this feeling is only temporary. Andy was once the new kid, Emily was once the new kid and even Miranda was once the new kid. You won't be new forever.

3. Always Be (Or Act) Interested

You could hear a pin drop when Andy got completely shot down by Miranda when she smirked at the two identical belts. Everyone's been there. You've managed to somehow swing a loosely related job to pay the rent while holding on to hopes you'll eventually land your dream job. But while you're there you forget that although this may not be something that you want to do, the other people there do (hopefully). Take that in mind, otherwise you may too be shot down Miranda style.

4. Every Job Has A Purpose

I for one never understood why the fashion industry was so huge until I watched this film and heard Nigel say "and what they did was greater than art, because you live your life in it". This goes for any job you do and everyone starting out their career should live by this lesson. When you're still a beginner and not in your dream job, just remember you've still got purpose. If you didn't, there wouldn't be a job for it.

5. Toughen Up

"You are not trying, you are whining" - Nigel. Everybody is going to have bad days at work and feel like you just want to cry, eat ice cream and tear your hair out all at the same time. Just be tough and carry on, it will pay off in the end (well...unless you're Nigel).

6. Appreciate What You Have

Like I mentioned before, someone wants to work there and at some point you did too. After all a shitty job is better than no job. Be an Andy, suck it up and get stuck in while you're there, it won't be forever.

7. You Will Make Sacrifices

When you start work your social life gets completely turned on its head. You start to notice you spend more time on your phone ordering food then you do texting your mates and suddenly you find that trying to hang on to the threads of some friendships isn't worth the effort. Don't worry though, this means that the only people in your life will be the one's that actually mean something to you. These are also the people who will understand if you only see them once a month because of work (unlike Andie's 'friends').

8. Some Days Will Be Harder Than Others

EVERYONE has once had a shitty day at work (if you haven't, where do you work and are they hiring!?) But like I said before, sometimes you just have to remind yourself that you're lucky to be there and know that there will always be good days too.

9. You Will Have To Make Tough Decisions

This doesn't mean you're a complete monster. At the end of the day, everyone's looking out for themselves. While you should still remain a caring person, sometimes you've just got to put your best interests at heart, even if that means letting some people down.

10. But Your Decisions Will Eventually Pay Off

"You were by far her biggest disappointment and if I don't hire you, I'm an idiot." This just goes to show, as long as you follow these rules, make decisions for yourself and take risks, eventually you'll be rewarded.

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