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23 Reasons Having A Scottish Best Friend Is Awesome

Get the whiskey oot, they're coming.

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1. A night out with your Scottish BFF always involves a few bevvies.

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You'll drink Tennents and probably a bit of Buckie. And you'll no doubt spend a portion of the evening chanting. Put it simply, you'll have the best night of your life.


4. Scots are full of no nonsense, brilliant advice.


Your pal will tell you the things you need to hear. And sometimes the things you don't. Either way, they'll make sure you know what they think.

5. Unnecessary drama? Your Scottish BFF won't stand for it.


Moaning about how your friend wore the same outfit as you, and it was like, really, really shady won't be tolerated. Which means you can just get on with enjoying the important stuff in life.


13. They'll also do whatever they can to protect you from getting hurt.


Scots are fiercely protective and will do anything for you, whether it's throwing a drink over your enemy or kicking a terror suspect in the balls. As you do.

16. You can always head round to your BFF's house for the breakfast of champions.

You won't get a tattie scone or black pudding on your plate anywhere else. Too hungover to move? Don't worry, they know a hangover emergency when they see one and will be at your door with a Bru in no time.


18. At some point they'll definitely invite you for a ceilidh.

And what's more fun than being swung around the dance floor by men in kilts? Or indeed wearing kilt? Answer: Nothing.

23. But best of all, being with your Scottish BFF will get you a whole new gang of pals.

Scots are the friendliest lot in Britain, so you're bound to make lots of new friends with them by your side.


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