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    23 Reasons Having A Scottish Best Friend Is Awesome

    Get the whiskey oot, they're coming.

    1. A night out with your Scottish BFF always involves a few bevvies.

    2. And your BFF won't judge you if you inhale a deep fried pizza and loads of chips on the way home.

    3. They won't judge you the next morning, if you need a bit of hair of the dog either.

    4. Scots are full of no nonsense, brilliant advice.

    5. Unnecessary drama? Your Scottish BFF won't stand for it.

    6. Need a lazy day? Your Scottish best friend will sit beside you.

    7. That's not to say they're lazy and aren't ambitious.

    8. Done something a wee bit naughty? Don't worry: Your pal won't tell a soul.

    9. And no matter how much you mess up, a Scot will never give up on you.

    10. Heartbroken? They'll cure that with endless cups of tea and home baking.

    11. And they'll tell you dirty jokes until there's a smile on your face.

    12. Seriously, a Scot can turn even the most stubborn frown upside down.

    13. They'll also do whatever they can to protect you from getting hurt.

    14. They give the best cuddles.

    15. Scots don't pull any punches, so they'll tell you to shut up when you need to.

    16. You can always head round to your BFF's house for the breakfast of champions.

    17. Need to escape and get some fresh air? Head on up for a visit.

    18. At some point they'll definitely invite you for a ceilidh.

    19. There will be no more anti-climatic New Years for you.

    20. You'll get to learn a whole new vocabulary.

    21. They're not afraid of using the big words.

    22. But they'll never let anyone say anything bad about you.

    23. But best of all, being with your Scottish BFF will get you a whole new gang of pals.