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15 Things You Hear When You Date Someone Obsessed With IMDB

"I knew that was gonna happen."

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1. "Let's watch this movie!! I read this thing about the director, what's-his-name. He did that other one."

Cartoon Network

2. "Oooh, what a shot. That's a great shot."


3. "Oh, it's her!!! What else is she in..."


4. "I'm looking it up on IMDB."

Columbia Pictures

5. "Ohhhhh, right, right, she was in that episode of Law & Order: SVU with the mom with the fake baby."


6. [Still looking at IMDB] "Wanna know something crazy? This was actually shot in Namibia."

The CW

7. "This part here? Like, this part, since the part when they left the restaurant — that was all one shot. Like, one take."


8. "The stunt guy who did that part actually broke his face doing that. They had to hire his twin brother to replace him."


9. "Oh wow. They were considering Scarlett Johansson for this but she had to decline because she was shooting an ad campaign for L'Oréal Sublime Glow self-tanner."

Warner Bros.

10. "Oh, watch out. He's gonna jump out of that dumpster. Watch!!!!"

ABC Family

11. "See? What did I tell you."


12. "She's going to be waiting outside with flowers. What did I say? Awww. That's sweet."

13. "This part is totally different from the book. In the book the eyes were the same color as the eyes of the dead kids."

Comedy Central

14. "The next one is so good. We have to watch it right now. We're watching it. I'm starting it!!"

20th Century Fox

15. "Why are you covering the ear that's closest to me?"


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