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25 Things Only Girls Over 5-Foot-10 Will Understand

*sigh* Sure, I can reach that for you.

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1. Taking selfies with your friends is... a challenge.

2. There is no such thing as floor-length pants. There are only varying lengths of capris.

3. You Google your male celebrity crushes' heights like...

That awkward moment when you realize all your celebrity crushes are shorter than you... #tallgirlprobz

Oh cool, 5'9" again.

4. And sometimes you're not sure you can trust WHY you like someone.

We call that "tall girl goggles."

5. And you have to get creative when you want to be at least even with a date for photo purposes.

talking about prom dates #tallgirlprobz

6. When you're trying to have a conversation with a friend.

7. Normal people desks just aren't made for your legs.

This is going to be a long semester... #tallgirlprobz

It's OK, I'll just type from a foot and a half away.

8. How you feel when you're trying to get a drink from the water fountain.

“@AmazingWorldPic: How giraffes drink water. ” the struggle is real @AbbieTrzeciak42 @hannnwesss #tallgirlprobz

9. When the person taking your photo is like, "Can you just squat down a little bit so you fit?"

#Tallgirlprobz #benddown @alexaleischow

10. And you can just forget about getting into the car gracefully.

Getting in the car after a short person... #tallgirlprobz

Helloooo, knee bruises.

11. Head, meet car ceiling. Car ceiling, head.

Head touching ceiling #tallgirlprobz @avavictoria

12. You trying on most clothing.

13. When you see that someone's made a documentary about your life.

didn't know i was getting my own tv show #tallgirlprobz

14. When you wear heels you look like a literal different species from your friends.

We just don't look like the same type of creature, I'm sorry.

15. That thing where anyone who hugs you ends up with their head right... there.

16. When the shower head is too low to actually wash your hair.

17. Everyone likes to tell you you're tall as if this is brand-new information.

Omg, really?? All this time I had no idea.

18. When you have to stand so far back from the mirror to fit your whole body that you have to squint to see yourself.

19. And most changing rooms/bathroom stalls leave you feeling exposed.

20. You get aggressively territorial when girls who are 5'7" or 5'8" call themselves tall.

How cute.

21. You've heard this line, oh, about 12,049,810,248 times.

22. When you have to play like the Hunchback of Notre Dame to kiss your significant other.

23. You can pretty much forget about four-poster beds.

I totally fit in this bed💁😑 #tallgirlproblems #tallgirlprobz

24. The first most frequent question you hear is, "Hey, could you reach—?"

When people see @katiebrennan95 and I in stores. #tallgirlprobz

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