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    Posted on Nov 3, 2015

    18 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Not Knowing What To Eat

    Idk, where do YOU want to eat?

    1. The daily crisis.

    2. This inarguable truth.

    Hands down the worst part of all human relationships is "where do you want to eat?"

    3. The way this conversation always begins.

    4. ...and the way it always proceeds.

    5. When you're trying to act like you're laid-back about it.


    7. When the pressure is too much.

    8. When only one thing sounds good.

    9. When you decide to have faith in democracy.

    10. When TOO MUCH sounds good.

    11. The perfect solution.

    12. On the bait and switch.

    13. On the endless cycle.

    Same as when you ask your friends where do you want to eat 😂

    14. This KNOWN lie.

    15. When you know "anywhere" is NOT fine.

    Me: where do you want to eat babe? Lex: I don't care baby anywhere! Me:

    16. When you're just trying to keep it simple.

    17. This inevitable conclusion.

    18. Or this one.

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