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    That Thing When Your Hair Looks Amazing Right Before A Haircut

    Every. Time.

    So you've made an appointment to get your hair cut, and you're PSYCHED.

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    It's going to be amazing. You're pretty sure you're going to feel like a whole new person.

    You've been adding haircuts to your Pinterest board for weeks, and you know *exactly* what you want.


    "Kind of, like, Halsey meets Justin Bieber meets Jennifer Lawrence, if that makes sense??" β€” you, to your hairdresser.

    But then, crisis strikes: the day before your haircut, your hair looks THE BEST IT HAS EVER LOOKED.


    "Was my hair placed into my head strand by strand by angels?? β€” you

    Seriously, it's an epidemic.

    Suddenly, you no longer remember why you wanted to get your hair cut in the first place.


    You spend half the day looking into a mirror, wondering what was wrong with you that you ever thought to remove part of this beautiful treasure from your head.

    But you made that appointment for a reason, so you go to it. And when you finally get into the salon chair, you freeze up.


    You must remind yourself, over and over, in your head, that you wanted this.


    You made this appointment for a reason!!!

    You reason with yourself. If you don't like how your haircut turns out, you will simply remove yourself from society until it grows out.


    You could totally live off the Earth in a cave.

    When the first cut happens, you experience a moment of TOTAL PANIC.


    (But you try to keep your cool, so the stylist doesn't freak out and chop off MORE hair by mistake.)

    When it's all done, you try to keep a poker face.


    Inside, of course, you are screaming a little.

    Then, in the privacy of your own home, you come to terms with your new haircut.


    True, it looked amazing this morning, but it looks ... kind of good now, too ... right??

    When your friends see your haircut, you interrogate them, paranoid they don't think it looks as good as before.


    But after a few days of living with it, you start to like β€” and maybe even love β€” your new hair.


    At least for a while β€” and then you can make an appointment for a haircut.

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