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Let Us Read Your Fortune

Pick a card, any card.

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First, draw a card:

Then, find out what it means for your future:

The Magician: expanding horizons; individuality; recognizing one's own potential

The High Priestess: leaving aside others' advice in favor of one's intuition; perception; consciousness

The Empress: femininity and fertility; taking responsibility; banishing false heroes/mentors

The Emperor: virility and masculinity; pioneering spirit; doing things for oneself

The Hierophant: confessional; sharing secrets with other people; allowing oneself to be vulnerable

The Lovers: deep love and respect for one's self; romance borne of shared experiences

The Chariot: accepting fate while acknowledging agency; understanding that the path is part of the journey

Strength: focusing on the here and now; reconciling one's strengths and weaknesses; peak sexual experiences

The Hermit: withdrawal; the need to concentrate on the essentials; paying off debts (material or symbolic)

Wheel of Fortune: cooperating with fate rather than dreading it; paying close attention to "coincidence"

Justice: assessment of personal needs and those of others; fairness; courage to both criticize and praise

The Hanged Man: an end of the road; the need to surrender oneself; a completely new perspective

Death: an end (though not necessarily a sad one); making space for new things in life; letting go

Temperance: acceptance of contradictions in one's life; large-scale projects or undertakings; creative hobbies

The Devil: ridding oneself of an undue burden; feelings of neglect; shining the light on an unaddressed issue

The Tower: reducing risks, or, alternately, taking the plunge; direct action; "going for it"

The Star: recognizing one's place in the universe; doing away with false modesty; realization of dreams

The Moon: empathy — compassion for, but not identification with, other people's emotions; making peace with others

The Sun: the recognition that birth is a continual process; taking pleasure in merely existing; a promising sign for romance

Judgement: addressing conflict — reconciling or breaking apart; forgiveness; confession

The World: allowing oneself to be noticed; asking what the universe is asking one to do; recognizing one's limits and opportunities

The Fool: fresh starts; embracing one's not-knowing; naïveté and innocence


Queen of Wands: enthusiasm; confidence in one's creative potential; bringing forth new life (whether literal or figurative)

King of Wands: going through "the fire" to achieve one's goals; independent action; scrutinizing one's own motives

Knight of Wands: personal sacrifice; remaining true to oneself; focus on one's powers of observation

Page of Wands: leaving routine behind in favor of fresh energies; a caution against empty sources of thrill or joy

Ace of Wands: a call to action; the will to challenge oneself to grow beyond one's conception of limitations; possible start of a relationship

Two of Wands: being one's own boss; the development of something new in the academic or professional field; strong work ethic

Three of Wands: warning against unconscious motives or hasty decisions; patience; honest assessment of one's goals

Four of Wands: the need to put forth more effort; recognizing which goals are unattainable and must therefore be let go; passion

Five of Wands: vitality and energy; competition; eliminating unnecessary struggles

Six of Wands: teamwork and cooperation; taking responsibility and perhaps a leadership role; coming out of one's shell

Seven of Wands: letting one's personality develop; a warning against seeing oneself as a victim; unhurried effort

Eight of Wands: accepting one's wounds and allowing oneself to move on from them; conscious effort put into good vibes

Nine of Wands: ridding oneself of old instincts and assumptions; being brave about one's feelings and convictions

Ten of Wands: wasted energy; the need to optimize one's time and priorities; giving the present issue one's full attention


Queen of Cups: trusting one's feelings; opening one's heart; a reminder not to go just half way

King of Cups:: the need to more closely examine one's instincts and temptations; wish fulfillment; enjoying things to the full

Knight of Cups: avoiding gullibility, mistrust, and superstition; opening oneself up to great passions; matters of the heart

Page of Cups: expressing fears and wishes directly; need for meditation and empathy; speaking the heart's truest desires

Ace of Cups: spiritual baptism; clarifying one's feelings; true love and romance

Two of Cups: dealing successfully with strong emotions; sharing one's joy with others; first love

Three of Cups: celebration and solidarity; the possibility that one is losing oneself in others; speaking honestly

Four of Cups: grace and thankfulness; patience with oneself; accepting that it's OK to do something for one's own reasons

Five of Cups: a metamorphosis; the need not to run away from one's feelings; long-simmering resentment or sadness that must be addressed

Six of Cups: showing one's vulnerabilities; recognizing the many alternatives available to you; casting off old fears

Seven of Cups: getting to know one's wishes and fears; a call to reevaluate what it is one thinks one wants; seizing one's desires

Eight of Cups: going with the flow; a reminder not to obsess or become overwrought by one's various enthusiasms

Nine of Cups: permission to keep some of one's inner life to oneself; satisfaction and harmony; personal acceptance

Ten of Cups: romantic unions; high-flying dreams and romantic ideals; recognizing unjustified fear or cynicism


Queen of Swords: reducing fear; recognizing that it is both difficult and advantageous to have options; new understanding

King of Swords: working toward harmony; warning against calculation or manipulation; reminder to be genuine

Knight of Swords: caution against obeying the rules; conscious affirmation of love and joy; letting thoughts roam

Page of Swords: warning against gullibility and ignorance; adopting a loving attitude; alertness

Ace of Swords: healing old wounds through awareness; intellectual connections; physical exercise

Two of Swords: warning against holding old prejudices or biases; looking inward with the mind's eye; using one's imagination

Three of Swords: addressing one's expectations; treating wounds properly so that they might heal more quickly; giving love a chance

Four of Swords: satisfaction and relaxation; allowing oneself peace and quiet to gain deeper clarity; letting go of envy and jealousy

Five of Swords: giving up bad habits; using one's intellect to heal; reminder not to dwell on past difficulties

Six of Swords: trying to address differences of opinion; charing one's own course; major experiences like love, death, material success or loss

Seven of Swords: abandoning self-doubt and old behavior patterns; taking time to learn and heal; giving oneself permission to act irrationally

Eight of Swords: the process of "cocooning" or withdrawing in order to sort out an inner issue; leaving behind childish behavior and inhibitions

Nine of Swords: new insights and clarity; reminder not to be disheartened by temporary obstacles; recognition that growth is imminent

Ten of Swords: a break with the past; something new in love and relationships; warning not to reach conclusions too hastily

Rider-Waite Smith

Queen of Pentacles: special efforts; mastery over earth forces and natural talents; femininity

King of Pentacles: sorting out one's finances; recognizing one's own capital and value; a warning not to let one's self-esteem be dependent on money

Knight of Pentacles: completion of a harvest (literal or figurative); a reminder that no experience is ever truly wasted; a warning not to avoid conflict

Page of Pentacles: the attempt to make an impact beyond oneself; new discoveries; grasping one's talents

Ace of Pentacles: recognizing one's calling; doing one's own thing; saying "yes" to someone or something

Two of Pentacles: a reminder not to dig in one's heels; coming to grips with contradictions; needing new results

Three of Pentacles: ignored personal needs and/or finances; questioning one's vocation/calling; finding out what the world wants from you

Four of Pentacles: setting oneself apart; a reminder to withdraw from the crowd and do one's own thing; patience in cultivating oneself

Five of Pentacles: cooperation over individuality; possibly, the time to throw in the towel; ridding oneself of pointless sacrifice

Six of Pentacles: a reminder that giving oneself to others is often more rewarding than giving to oneself; give and take; accepting weakness

Seven of Pentacles: taking stock; looking for hints from stumbling blocks and difficulties; genuineness; determining which achievements matter

Eight of Pentacles: a warning against letting oneself be used up for someone else's benefit; a need for mutual support; leadership and independence

Nine of Pentacles: dispensing with irrelevant ideals and obligations; rising above pettiness and jealousy; making up rules for oneself

Ten of Pentacles: the relativity of time; a reminder that it is never too late for acceptance; working toward a greater sense of community

All tarot card meanings adapted from The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot.

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