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    What Your Favorite "Baby-Sitters Club" Sitter Says About You

    Nobody's really an Abby.

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    Kristy Thomas


    You played softball, and elected yourself team captain. According to you, you "tell it like it is," but according to other people, you're "kinda rude sometimes." You're an animal lover with strong feelings about pet breeding vs. pet adoption. You've kept every free corporate team-building/intramural/concert/marathon T-shirt you've ever been given. You will be asked to be the maid of honor in at least 4 weddings in your lifetime; half of these requests will be based in fear.

    Claudia Kishi


    When you were growing up you wanted to be a fashion designer; perhaps you still do. You have (or, at least, had, once) an enormous amount of confidence in your own uniqueness and creativity. You love YA novels and sci-fi dystopias. You see yourself as the coolest, most edgy member of your friend group — it's only a matter of time until other people agree.

    Mary Anne Spier


    You grew up as a nerdy, goody two-shoes, shy kid. You have a vague, persistent belief that a successful, kind, and conventionally handsome man will notice you (perhaps while browsing at a bookstore) and sweep you up in a whirlwind romance. You have a very active Pinterest account and a medium-popular book blog.

    Stacey McGill


    You're ambitious, and often think of yourself as a big fish in a small pond — you're just biding your time until the great opportunity you believe you're meant for arrives. When you came back from studying abroad in Europe, you started a lot of sentences to your friends with, "Well, in Paris ..." You enjoy being the center of attention, and can be somewhat of a drama queen. Your favorite Sex and the City character is Samantha, and your favorite Girls character is Jessa.

    Dawn Schafer


    For every Halloween of your youth, you went as a hippie. You have often thought you'd be a naturally skilled surfer, if only you lived by the ocean, or had the time to try. You subscribe to Goop, and enjoy trying the latest health food and exercise trends — right now you're really into chia seeds and barre classes.

    Mallory Pike


    You sometimes feel invisible or overlooked, and find most of the people around you irritating and/or beneath you. Relatedly, you've started and abandoned upwards of a half-dozen mean blogs, which nobody read. People on Portlandia remind you of you.

    Jessica Ramsey


    You are charming, multi-talented, and patient. Everybody likes you! What's not to like?People who know you describe you as "really having [your] shit together." You're best friends with someone with whom nobody else can understand why you are friends. Probably, it's just that you're THAT nice.

    Abby Stevenson


    You are a major Debbie Downer.

    Shannon Kilbourne

    Scholastic / Via

    You come to widely popular, beloved cultural artifacts way, way later than everybody else. You're like, "Have you guys heard about this Friends show?" You have an overloaded calendar (both professionally and socially), and have lofty (if not always clear) goals for your future. You think of yourself as having high cheekbones.

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