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What Is The Biggest Splurge You've Bought For Yourself?

Tell us about the best present you've given to you.

Surely you're familiar with the slogan/life philosophy "Treat Yo Self," popularized by Donna on Parks and Recreation.


Basically, the idea is this: you deserve nice things. At least once in a while.

Whether it's because you gave yourself a prize for completing a goal, or because you just really wanted it, you decided you deserved that thing you've been wanting for ages.

American Zoetrope

Or that thing you saw in a store window and impulsively bought right then and there.

Maybe you always wanted a Louis Vuitton bag, and spent a year saving up for one.


Or maybe for you it was a car, or an item of clothing, or a fancy juicer.

Or maybe you walked into a jewelry store one day and "accidentally" walked out with a ring that cost twice what you pay for rent.


Tell us in the comments: what is your biggest splurge purchase? And what made you buy it?