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Monstrous Maybe-Dolphin Washes Ashore Russian Island

Warning: it looks furry and bad.

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Everyone's favorite source of Yeti news the Siberian Times has reported that a mysterious sea creature recently washed ashore on Sakhalin Island, a large Russian island in the North Pacific Ocean.

Said to be "twice the length of a human" with a strange, furry tail and a beak, the creature drew the interest and speculation of locals — at least until a recent storm carried it back out to sea, never to be seen again (except in these photos).

Some say the carcass's dolphin-like snout and long, dolphin-y body are indicative of a dolphin, but others are unconvinced.

The monster is (was) approximately twice the size of the Ganges River dolphin some suggested as a possible culprit, and an unnamed expert cited by the Times argued that a freshwater Ganges dolphin could never survive in the salty ocean long enough to get to the Sakhalin Island.

Additionally, the creature was reported to be at least partly covered in fur, which dolphins do not (typically??) have.


Nikolay Kim, Deputy Head of the Forecasting department of the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, told the Times: "Judging by the appearance of the head, this is clearly some big dolphin."

A few days later, though, Kim told the Times, "We assembled a team of scientists and looked at all the pictures and came to the conclusion the remains belong to a whale calf. You can never be 100 percent on anything, so let's say we're 95 percent." Hm, how convenient, to make that decision now that it is gone.