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What Does A Woman Need With A Smartphone?

The launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S IV saw women celebrating the phone's capacity to track their weight, shopping, and wedding planning. Here's what other phone companies think their female customers might use those cute pink box things for.

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A woman might use her smartphone to help her high-five her friends.

At last night's launch for the Samsung Galaxy S IV, Rebecca Greenfield described a sketch (!) that used a group of ethnically diverse "bridesmaids" to illustrate what the Samsung Galaxy S IV could do for them as women, including whatever it is they are doing in the above picture.

What else can a woman possibly do with a smartphone?

A woman might cook with her smartphone. / Via

At the aforementioned launch, women actors in the demo praised the phone's "air gesture controls" that let women keep their "sticky fingers" off the phone while cooking.

A woman might take her smartphone for a sexy, sweatless run.

This ad for the Blackberry Curve (here annotated by Rob Beschizza) twice emphasizes the need for women and their smartphones to look good TOGETHER.

A woman might take her smartphone on a shopping spree.

This 2010 commercial for the Blackberry Pearl shows the phone (and whoever's holding it, I guess) going shopping and picking out a pretty gold sequin dress with its blonde BFF.

A woman might ask her smartphone, "Am I ... pregnant?"


The Windows phone ads featuring women — Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani — take great pains to establish these women's primary roles as mothers, secondary to their careers.

A woman might check to see if her smartphone is losing any weight.

At the Samsung Galaxy S IV launch, the actor-bridesmaids squealed "weight loss!" when presented with the phone's health feature, S Health.

A women might ask her smartphone, "Siri, where do I work again?"

Per this story on pink phones, a commercial for the HTC Rhyme showed: a young woman ...during her afternoon of leisure, [when] she receives a call from 'Work.' The slightest trace of concern crosses her face before she hits "Decline."

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