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17 Times Shakira Was Too Hot For Her Own Good

Of many, many more.

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1. When she saved her own life from a stampede of horses through the power of her hips.

2. The entire coin belt era.


3. When you watched "Te Aviso, Te Anuncio" in Spanish class and you were like o_O.

4. When you bought her MTV Unplugged DVD with allowance money and watched her sing "Inevitable" 87 times.

5. Her "Ojos Así" dance.

6. When she taught us the meaning of "hips don't lie."

7. When she covered herself in oil and danced on a roof in "La Tortura."

8. And every time she's ever flung her amazing curls.

9. When she revealed herself to be kind of a nerd.

10. And just an adorable weirdo.


11. When she made weird wolf-dancing in "She Wolf" way hotter than you could have ever imagined.

12. When she rocked a bob and white T-shirt in the bathtub in "Addicted to You."

13. When she cavorted on the bed in the "Can't Remember to Forget You" video.

14. And when she and the same video.

15. When she and Beyoncé synchronized-belly-danced in "Beautiful Liar."

16. When she became your beautiful goth princess in "Empire."

17. When she the video for "Rabiosa."

She said it herself:


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Alice Mongkongllite