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This Might Be The Strangest Looking Human Brain You'll Ever See

Photographer Adam Voorhes takes creepy, amazing pictures of brains, and this one might be the most unusual he's ever come across.

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This adult brain — from an unknown patient who died in 1970 at North Texas State Hospital — is missing the ridges and folds characteristic of the human brain.

Adam Voorhes / Via

The photographer, Adam Voorhes, captured this image as a part of a larger collection of brain photography — all of which is fascinating — but was unable to track down more information about its owner. The medical records corresponding to the jar in which the brain is stored are apparently lost.

The smoothness of the brain is attributable to a rare condition called Lissencephaly.

Lissencephaly, also known as agyria, can result in death before the age of 10, and can cause learning difficulties, spasms, and seizures. This brain, by contrast, belonged to someone who survived well into adulthood.

Medical experts, including David Dexter of the Brain Bank at Imperial College in London, say this brain is unusually smooth even for a Lissencephaly patient.