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This Instagram Account Captures The Most Beautiful Shoe Selfies Ever

Call it a "selfeet."

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Earlier this summer, the Instagram account "IHaveThisThingWithFloors" formed as a place to repost photos of people's shoes on top of beautiful floors, which were tagged with the same label.

Instagram: @ihavethisthingwithfloors

The hashtag has quickly gained in popularity, and the curated account now has over 12,000 followers. The users of the account (and the account itself) have taken to calling this genre of photograph "selfeet," which is definitely one of the cuter variants of "selfie" developed thus far. ("Selfeet" >>>> "Usie.")

Pictures-of-feet is a well-worn Instagram motif, but never before has it been so pleasing to the eye. Sometimes the subjects' shoes match the ground beneath them, and sometimes they don't — either way, the effect is super pretty and strangely transfixing.

See below for some more favorites.

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