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    16 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Girl Who Loves True Crime

    You can call me a "murderino."

    1. You regularly creep people out by saying you have a "favorite" serial killer. / Via Giphy

    2. You worship at the altar of Ann Rule.

    3. The ending of "The Jinx" made you LOSE YOUR SHIT.


    4. You proudly call yourself a "murderino."

    And you talk about Karen and Georgia as though you know them personally.

    5. And you can't get enough of the Sword & Scale podcast.

    Sword & Scale

    Not to mention Criminal, Accused, Stranglers, In The Dark, etc...

    6. You've watched enough court case footage that you're pretty sure you could pass the bar.


    7. And at the end of every episode of "Law & Order" you're convinced you knew the killer and motive all along.

    Dualstar Productions

    8. You have at least three alternative Lizzie Borden theories.

    Investigation Discovery / Via Giphy

    9. You know alllllll about the owl theory and you don't buy it for a SECOND.

    Maha Productions

    10. Your obsession with "Snapped" has been cause for some concern in your significant other.


    11. You carry mace (etc.) at all times because you're convinced killers are all around you.

    Comedy Central

    12. You've seen every last shitty crime documentary that exists.

    Dimension Films

    13. You get super excited when you meet another girl who's just as obsessed with crime as you.

    Touchstone Pictures

    14. You'll sit through a lot of very bad reenactments to get your true crime fix.

    15. You've been known to sit down with Investigation Discovery for 3-4 hours at a time.

    Investigation Discovery

    16. And you're always trying to convince people you're not creepy or a psycopath โ€” you're just fascinated by people who are.

    Paramount Pictures

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