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21 Things That Are Way Too Real For People Who Grew Up In Minnesota

Snow day? Don't hold your breath.

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1. First of all, there is no such thing as a snow day.

Walking is overrated #growingupminnesotan

2. And you'd better always have a jacket on hand.

#GrowingUpMinnesotan "it's 65 degrees why'd you bring a jacket??" you never know... it could be snowing later.

3. Because the weather right now means nothing — give it six hours and everything could change.

#GrowingUpMinnesotan knowing if it's 75 and sunny today, it could be snowing and 30 tomorrow.

4. Even our state bird is hardy enough for the winters.

Instagram: @nhlchic99

5. You laugh bitterly when people complain about 20-degree weather.

Instagram: @queenbee_juju

6. Because our weather system just operates differently than other states'.

Here's the latest Minnesota snowfall forecast. #mnwx

7. And the concept of skimpy Halloween costumes is totally foreign to you.

you can never wear JUST your halloween costume, you had to wear your snow suit underneath as well #GrowingUpMinnesotan

8. You accept the presence of jello salad at every holiday meal without question.

Instagram: @joefryernbc

9. You don't have an accent, you swear! Jeez Louise!

#growingupminnesotan making fun of people for sounding like they came straight outta Fargo when you yourself sound like you came outta Fargo

10. least not until you drink a little.

The amount of wine it takes for me to believe I don't have a strong MN accent and to get a strong MN accent are the same (half a glass)

11. You'll never forget to stock up for Sunday's game on Friday or Saturday.

Instagram: @tziggle

12. And you'll be lucky if you leave a party within an hour of when you first started trying.

#growingupminnesotan taking literally two hours to say goodbye

13. You'll mourn for Camp Snoopy as long as you live.

#growingupminnesotan Camp Snoopy > Nickelodeon Universe

14. "It's actually closer to 15,000."

Instagram: @meyer116

15. Now YOU have a friend in the diamond business.

#GrowingUpMinnesotan Knowing the entire Shane Company commercial perfectly word for word

16. You can't believe the rest of the country plays it wrong.

Instagram: @minnesotaawesome

17. 40 degrees = shorts weather.

#GrowingUpMinnesotan wearing shorts when it's 40 degrees because it's a heat wave

18. And 70 degrees = turn on the AC.

#growingupminnesotan we all have air conditioners because if it's not -20 we start to melt

19. And so is a condition sometimes known as snowball belly.

Instagram: @simba

20. You have to give yourself a pep talk before filling up the tank in the winter.

Id rather run out of gas than stand at the pump and freeze #MinnesotaStruggles

21. And you better not ever run out of defroster.

when you're running late af for class and don't have time to wait on the defrost

Just five, maybe six months of winter til spring. Hang in there!